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Creating Lasting Value

How club managers can leverage cost management and procurement services like Club Capital to create lasting value for their members.

Finding a place to start when exploring how to source the right vendor partners while improving the financial health of a club can be a daunting task for club managers, but it doesn't have to be!

Cost management and procurement specialists like Club Capital leverage billions in buying power to unlock waves of value for our club members.

What type of value? Club Capital enhances the work your team is already putting in by becoming an extension of your purchasing strategy in a number of ways:

Customer Value, Supplier Innovation & Business Continuity

A vast contract portfolio, strong relationships with suppliers who understand innovation, and options when it comes to avoiding disruptions and shortages.

Employee Value

We act as an extension of your procurement team, offering another layer of expertise when it comes to all things procurement and spend management.

Financial Value

Members see an average of 10% in upfront savings in areas such as food purchasing when compared to competing programs in the space. No more waiting for a rebate, this is money you just don't spend.

Social & Environmental Responsibility

Work with Club Capital to establish sustainability goals and identify which suppliers within our portfolio qualify as diverse or have diverse capabilities and meet your unique requirements.

Process & Operational Efficiency

Work smarter - not harder - and find the path of least resistance to savings: eliminate the need to search for suppliers, bypass the RFP process, skip contract negotiations, and reduce the time it takes to source. Save time, effort, and money.

Risk Mitigation

The right purchasing partner won’t just respond to the effects of risk - they'll proactively play a strategic role in procurement planning to mitigate risk and ensure success for their members.

Adaptability & Responsiveness

While we have certain processes in place to quickly and efficiently get members connected to savings, we know each situation is unique and requires a degree of flexibility. We are here to white glove the process every step of the way for your club.

Market Intelligence

Skip weeks of effort by leveraging Club Capital's resources to gather all the data needed to make an educated decision on the best suppliers. You can start saving with confidence knowing that Club Capital’s suppliers have been chosen based on best-practice market research.

Creating Lasting Value with Club Capital

Learn more about how Club Capital can become an extension of your club's purchasing strategy by encouraging and supporting value creation by contacting us today.

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